Eriacta is a cheap Ranbaxy product preferred by men suffering from impotency and premature ejaculation. The medication is an over-the-counter generic version of Sildenafil Citrate which gives stronger and extended erection to men for robust sexual intercourse. Being a Phosphodiesterace-5 (PDE5) inhibitor, it maintains the amount of cGMP in the body, which in turn makes blood to flow at a rapid rate inside the penile arteries. The drug enhances the activity of nitric oxide in corpus cavernosum muscle of male penis and provides hard erection. Eriactais also prescribed to patients suffering from Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.

Eriacta is violet-colored tablets with the advantages of 100 mg doses. The safe dosage of Eriacta is 100 mg to be taken once in 24 hours, with or without meals. The medication is orally consumed with water 30 minutes or an hour before your planned sexual session and it sustains in the system for 4-6 hours. Do not use drugs with large, fatty meals as it makes absorption tough. Avoid using Alcohol. Consult your doctor for knowing the dosage and dosing schedule for Eriacta as per your medical condition.

Product Reviews

Needless to say, Eriacta helped me to perform brilliantly for almost 6 consecutive hours, but its side effects are too challenging. Flushing and blocked nose is what made me felt so pathetic. I got it from online Canadian pharmacy at very cheap rate. The overall buying experience was good.

I placed Eriacta order online as I heard it is available at best prices and the medication gave me a roller-coaster ride in bed. I felt so energetic and the drug is absolutely safe. I am using Eriacta 100 mg once in a day. As my pills are about to end, I will purchase it online again and these guys offer great discounts.

I purchased Eriacta without prescription online and I received the delivery in just 6 days. Amazing! Canadian pharmacy is way too impressive. Eriacta gave me strong erection for four hours and my girlfriend was thrilled seeing me like this. I am thankful to Ranbaxy!

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